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Why Do You Need a Coach?

So, you have started a nonprofit, raised the money, assembled a Board of Directors and began providing a unique service to clients. Now what? Many nonprofit Executive Directors begin to think about expansion, building partnerships, and always how to raise more money, but they often overlook one critical element – finding a coach.

Coaching has been popular since the beginning of sports with the idea of improving performance and achieving goals. What is it that a coach does that can help an Executive Director of a nonprofit?

Here are 5 critical benefits to hiring a coach:

1. Relationship – A coach is a trusted relationship to help balance professional and personal

life and boost productivity and satisfaction. A coach is not a therapist that looks backwards,

but an important confidant focused on the future.

2. Reframing – A coach helps examine your beliefs and works with you to create strategies

that bring a new perspective to pressing challenges.

3. Reaching– It’s easy to get stuck trying to achieve goals without a fresh perspective and new tools to achieve goals.

4. Restorative – A good coach acknowledges spirituality and the need for change to be created from the inside out.

5. Results Oriented – Coaches understand the importance of achieving results and moving an organization forward. Learning from others mistakes accelerates results.

An Executive Director has multiple responsibilities while balancing staff, funding, working with a Board of Directors, community partners and keeping a focus on mission. Finding a coach who will walk alongside you is a valuable resource to help you sort through priorities and focus on what’s truly important.

If you would like to learn more about how Simon Cross can coach you to success contact us at:

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Angela Martin
Angela Martin
Nov 01, 2022

The 5 R's are very applicable in all industries. Thanks for laying out a simple and effective reasoning for using coaches to reach our goals.

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