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The Simon Cross Model

Results That Start With Leadership

Running a nonprofit organization takes a lot of hard work. We know, because we've run them ourselves. When your organization isn't seeing the impact you envisioned, it's easy to get stuck in the trap of hiring someone to do it for you. Traditional consulting services have their place, but we do things differently at Simon Cross.


The best way to drive impact is to drive leadership. 

Whether you run a brand new startup or an established organization and are find yourself unsure where to go next, the Simon Cross Model will equip you with the skills and leadership foundation to help you fulfill your vision. Through one-on-one coaching, team development, and innovation, we'll teach you and your team how to deliver fundraising and programming results by developing an attitude of leadership from the top down.


Grow your impact today.


  • fundraise more effectively

  • program more efficiently

  • lead more effortlessly

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One-on-One Coaching

Great leaders never stop learning. You can learn inefficiently through trial and error or you can learn the way professional leaders do, through one-on-one coaching. You'll partner with our team to develop a personalized, actionable coaching plan that will transform the way you lead. 

  • Personalized action plans built around your needs

  • Coaching that improves the quality of your leadership and your impact

  • Action steps designed to deliver real results

Team Development

Leadership isn't just about the people at the top. True organizational leadership is a transformative attitude that is embraced by everyone in your organization to build a team-driven approach that's capable of withstanding any challenge. We'll work with your team to develop leadership habits and practical skills that will leave you equipped for success in every facet.

  • Fundraising results driven by leadership

  • Team-building strategies

  • Result-driven training for your entire organization

  • Organizational seminars and retreats


Today's innovators create tomorrow's impact. Too often, nonprofits operate under the same methods and strategies that organizations from thirty years ago were using. It simply doesn't work anymore. The organizations creating the biggest impact today are the ones who aren't afraid to go outside the box and innovate. We'll partner with your organization to provide a realistic assessment of your current state and goals and to identify areas where innovation and forward thinking can transform the way you operate.

  • Identify inefficiencies and outdated practices

  • Understand the communities you operate in

  • Develop a spirit of innovation that will sustain you from one success to the next

  • Be empowered to leverage innovation to create modern solutions to the challenges you face

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